8 September 2017

Assembly on School Development Plan 2017-2020

"Revisiting the Past, Connecting to the Future" is the theme for the School Development Plan of 2017-2020.  The plan was introduced by the Principal, Mr Kwan, to all students and staff in the afternoon assembly of 8 September.  With God's blessing, the redevelopment project is progressing smoothly.

But hardware is not the only element making a school better.  YW girls are encouraged to develop a deeper understanding of our history, a wider concern for our neighbourhood, society and global issues.  In order to enhance students' self-motivation towards learning, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) education is highlighted as a new source of opportunities for students to engage in scientific research and experiments.  The student support groups will also put efforts in nurturing students' sense of identity such as developing a thankful heart and having the confidence to embrace failures.