24 April 2019

Global Week 2019 (Album 2)

Global Week, jointly organized by the Global Exposure Committee of YW and Inter Cultural Education (ICE), was held from 24 to 29 April, 2019.  Speakers coming from different countries and with different nationalities from ICE attended every S1, S2 and S3 class, sharing topics of “Stereotype and Common Misunderstandings”, “Modern Rites of Passage and Rituals” and “Social Etiquettes” respectively.  Not only was the sharing eye-opening, it also gave students a valuable opportunity to interact with guests directly from all over the world.

During lunch time on April 26, an activity called ‘Global Village’ was held at the open area on the 2/F and 3/F.  Guests from Australia, Germany, Ghana, Sweden, the U.S., Vietnam and Zimbabwe chatted with students from all forms about their cultures, played simple games and shared local snacks with them.  During the OLE time slot on the same day, all S3 students were invited to join one workshop of their own choice to further explore a different culture.  The workshops included “Vietnamese Language and Coffee Tasting”, “Spanish Language and Food Tasting”, “African Demystified”, “Brazilian Martial Art Maculele” and “African Drumming”.  Overall students enjoyed the Global Week a lot as it was fun to learn in an interactive way.

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