9 June 2020

Public Speaking (Cantonese) Activity 2020

The Chinese Department and the Civic Education Committee jointly organised a Cantonese public speaking activity in order to develop students’ multiple and critical thinking skills.  Due to class suspension at the beginning of the second term, the activity was organised online.  A total of ten students from both junior and senior forms took part in the activity.

Mr Wong Man-lung, a member of the Chinese Debating Team of the Baptist University of Hong Kong, was invited to conduct online training with students to develop their public speaking skills.  Speakers learnt to deliver their message persuasively and constructively.  They also learnt how to use different tones and body gestures to capture the attention of the audience.  An online competition was then held.  On 9th June, an award ceremony was carried out to recognise students’ efforts and encourage them to continue to participate in similar activities in the coming school year.