4 October 2017

SA, Inter-house and Appointed Posts Inauguration Ceremony (2017)

The inauguration ceremony of the 69th Student Association, 27th Inter-house Committee and all appointed posts, namely the Guidance Committee, Careers Committee, Civic Education Committee, Library, Student-access Centre, Stage Technology Team, Student Health Unit, Alumnae Association, Campus TV Team and Learning Ambassadors, was held in the morning assembly on 4 October 2017.  Student leaders took the oath to serve the school with faith, diligence and concerted efforts.

This year, with the election of the SA, a coalition cabinet (Chronicle and Kairos) was formed in September.  Both the SA and Inter-house Committee attended a 2-day training camp at the end of September to develop their leadership and communications skills for the preparation of the upcoming work to serve the school and the fellow schoolmates.