28 June 2017

Shameen (Shamian) Study Tour & Talk by Prof. Ting Sun-pao Joseph

We are honoured to have Professor Ting Sun-pao Joseph (former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, current Honorary Assistant Professor at the HKU School of Chinese and Adjunct Professor in the Department of History at the Chinese University of Hong Kong) talk to us at assembly on 29 March and guide us on the study tour from 28-30 June.

It is also the first time our school organized a study tour with Ying Wa College.  A total of 36 students from both schools joined this excursion.  Professor Ting peppered his talk on the theme of "Canton (Guangzhou) System and Shameen (Shamian)" with anecdotes about the historical figures and description of China trade in the Ch'ing (Qing) Dynasty.  This was followed by a 3D2N tour of Shameen (Shamian) in June.  His approach has facilitated student and teacher participants in developing a deeper understanding of the economic development of Canton (Guangzhou) with Southeast Asia and Europe before and after 1842.