7 July 2020

Speech Day 2020 (Album 1)

The annual Speech Day was held on July 7 at the Silcocks Hall.  Our Principal, Mr Kwan Hon Cheung Francis, welcomed parents and congratulated all graduates on their successful completion of their secondary school education.  He was grateful for the unswerving support of two incumbent and retiring members of the Incorporated Management Committee (IMC).  They were Ms Lam Lai Bing Alison, an alumna and IMC moderator and Ms Chan Yin Hung Kuby, who has been serving in the IMC since 2013.

Among the honourable guests was former Principal Mrs Lee Shek Yuk Yu Ruth.  In her address, she was grateful that God sent our former Principals and missionaries all the way from London in order to nurture local girls from all walks of life.  As humble recipients of God’s mercy, Ying Wa girls should learn from our founders and serve our community with empathy, compassion and a humble heart.  Mrs Lee further encouraged all graduates to reflect, observe and look up to God’s guidance for His unique plan for everyone.  She ended her sharing by blessing all S6 graduates to live a life with wisdom and modesty.  

At the end, Cheung Hau Yin Zoe (6B) delivered her valedictorian speech on behalf of the graduating class.  She thanked the school for shaping students’ positive mindset and nurturing them to excel and scale new heights.

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