29 November 2019

Sponsored Walk and Thanksgiving Week 2019

The Thanksgiving Service and the Sponsored Walk were conducted successfully in the last week of November.  We would especially like to extend our heartfelt gratitude to Watoto, a charitable organisastion of Christian faith which takes care of children who suffer from political instabilities in Uganda, Africa to share and perform at our Thanksgiving Service.  Watoto led a group of Ugandan children and performed various African dances.  Not only was the performance an eye-opening experience, but it also allowed us to witness the persistence and courage Ugandan children possess in order to survive and live a life filled with hope.  

The Sponsored Walk, one of the highlights of the Thanksgiving Week, took place after the Thanksgiving Service.  This year saw a brand-new start as the walk began at the newly built Robinson Road campus.  Thanks to the support of students, parent volunteers, the Student Association, the Extra-curricular Activity Committee and many others, we all managed to finish our annual walk.  We are committed to upholding this noble tradition of “to serve and not to be served” by raising fund and sharing our love and concern with the needy.