23 July 2018

Tokyo Science and Technology Study Tour

The Aerial Photography and Technology Team organized a study tour and led thirty S2-4 students to Tokyo, Japan this summer (23 - 27 July, 2018).  The themes of the tour are AI (Artificial Intelligence) and VR (Virtual Reality), in which Japan plays a leading role in the world.  Students attended workshops organized by Softbank and learnt how to code the AI robot, Pepper.  They visited robotic and drone laboratories in Tokyo Institute of Technology (東京工業大學), held a presentation and a discussion with teachers and postgraduates there.  In addition, students visited VR Park Tokyo, Sony ExploraScience Museum, TEPIA (Association for Technological Excellence Promoting Innovative Advances) and Chiba Institute of Technology.  Through all the visits and learning activities, students were immersed in the real-world applications of science and technology and strengthened their understanding of how STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) changes the quality of life for mankind.