15 February 2019

Farewell Assembly 2019

A Farewell Assembly was held on 15th February which was the day before the last school day of the graduating classes.  The S6 melted our hearts with their words of gratitude for teachers, schoolmates and all members of Ying Wa.  Our Principal, Mr.

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13 February 2019

Talk by Dr Chong Shuk Ching

Dr Chong Shuk Ching, an alumna of Ying Wa, was invited to deliver a talk during the morning assembly on 13 Feb.  In 2018, Dr Chong was awarded the Ten Outstanding Young Persons 2018.

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1 February 2019

Ying Wa Good Show 2019

Cultivating students’ passion for performing arts has long been a tradition in Ying Wa.  Different platforms have been developed throughout the years for students to explore their potentials in artistic expression. 

One of these opportunities is the Ying Wa Good Show which was held successfully on 1st February.  Thanks to the Dance Team, the Music Department and the Self-access Centre, the show itself was a hit, ranging from rope skipping to modern Jazz and Chinese traditional dance.  Many teachers and students stayed in school during lunchtime to give their full support to the talented, enchanting and graceful performers.

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29 January 2019

Central & Western District Heritage Tour

Our History and Heritage Education Consultant, Professor Joseph TING Sun-pao, one of the most distinguished experts of Chinese and Hong Kong history and the former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, was invited to lead our S.4 History students in a local heritage tour to the Central and Western District.  With the help of the school’s History Department, Professor Ting took students to a number of heritage sites, such as the Man Mo Temple, Tai Kwun, Dr. Sun Yat-sen (Sun Yixian) Drive, St.

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25 January 2019

National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces 2018

Students made unprecedented achievements at the National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (NOIP) 2018 where a total of 5 senior form students were awarded medals.

In the Senior Group of NOIP 2018, Cheng Tsz Ying (5E) won a gold medal, which was the first-ever gold medal awarded to Ying Wa. Lee Cho Man (5D), Lee Ching Laam (6A) and Au Sui Yu (6D) won silver medals while Ho Ka Shuen (5C) won a bronze medal.

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25 January 2019

Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2018/19

Our girls made us proud at the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2018/19 with 5 students being awarded medals.

In the Junior Group, Cheng Tsz Ying (5E) won the first-ever gold medal for Ying Wa with her excellent performance while Luo Elysia Songen (3E) was awarded a bronze medal.  In the Senior Group, Ng Sin Ting (6C) won a silver medal.  Ho Ka Shuen (5C) and Lee Ching Laam (6A) were awarded bronze medals.

All prize-winners were invited to join the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics Training Team for more intensive training.  A Team Formation Test would be held in May 2019 to select delegates for upcoming contests held overseas.

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23 January 2019

Training of Student Reporters

The Publicity Team initiated a programme to recruit and train student reporters who are interested in writing.  It helps develop their skills in writing articles for newspapers, the school website and the school magazine for various school events.  Ms. Li Tin-nok Tina, an alumna of Ying Wa who is currently studying the undergraduate programme of Journalism at The Chinese University of Hong Kong, was invited to be the tutor.  A total of eight S.4 students were recruited and they underwent two training sessions held by Ms. Li.  Students were asked to write different articles such as the Farewell Day and interviews of restaurants nearby etc.  With the assistance of Ms.

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19 January 2019

Humen History and Heritage Tour

The Chinese History Department organized a history and heritage tour (one-day tour) by leading forty S.4 – 5 Chinese History and History students to Humen (Dongguan, China) on 19 January.  The tour included visits to the Opium War Museum, Weiyuan Fort and Humen Lin Zexu Memorial Hall.  Students developed a deeper understanding of the First Opium War (aka the First Anglo-Chinese War), especially the development over the banning of opium in the mid-19th century.  They also learned the skills and methods applied in the warfare under the leadership of Lin Zexu.  Thanks to the support of the Education Bureau (EDB) for the provision of the One-off Grant for the Promotion of Chinese History and Culture, a number of teachers from the Chinese Department and

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