20 March 2018

Final Appeal for the Donor Wall (Brick Campaign 2.0)

Without the grace of God, Ying Wa would not have existed; without vision, our founder's work would not have endured, and without you, our school could not have been redeveloped.

For this reason, we would like to appeal to all who have not had a chance to contribute to the Redevelopment Fund or to those of you who are able now to make an even bigger investment in the dream school.

"Time is precious: treasure every minute."  It's not too late to add your name or those whom you wish to honour to our donor wall.

With a donation of HK$50,000 or above, your chosen name will be inscribed on a brick of the donor wall facing our heritage block that was built in 1926 to house a kindergarten.  We hope, in this way, to unite the present and the past generations for our future students to emulate.

Your lasting gift to the school is even more meaningful because it connects your past to Ying Wa's future within your present means.  Together we can transform this property known in colonial times as Beauregard (loosely translated as 'beautiful sight') into a school blessed with divine and educational vision.

Now more than ever is the time to act. Our appeal ends on 31 August 2018. Thank you.

Download Brick Campaign 2.0 Donation Form