22 December 2017

2017 UNESCO Hong Kong SDG Debating Tournament

Our debating team enjoyed an early Christmas treat as they came second at the 2017 UNESCO Hong Kong SDG Debating Tournament (novice group) and Ip Hau Yan (4B) was ranked fourth among the Top Ten Speakers out of more than 100 debaters.

Alongside Ip Hau Yan, Chan Pui Ching (5E) and Cheung Hau Yin (4B) successfully edged out fellow competitors in three preliminary rounds and the semi-final before making it to the grand final match where they debated against the motion of “This House would melt the polar ice caps if it would give drought-stricken countries drinking water”.

The team were introduced to crucial themes related to international sustainable development, such as poverty, climate change, human rights, and gender equality.  Not only were they more familiar with sustainability issues after their experience, but they also had the opportunity to hone their critical thinking and public speaking skills.