24 May 2024

Talk by Dr Kwong Chi Man

Dr Kwong Chi Man (鄺智文), an esteemed Hong Kong historian, visited YW to deliver a captivating talk on his digital history projects, with a specific focus on Hong Kong during World War II.  Dr Kwong completed his early education at Ying Wa College and obtained a bachelor's degree in History from The CUHK.  He furthered his academic career at the University of Cambridge, earning his Ph.D. from the Faculty of East Asian Studies and Middle Eastern Studies.  Currently, he serves as an Associate Professor in the Department of History at Hong Kong Baptist University.

During his talk, Dr Kwong utilized Geographic Information System (GIS) technology to facilitate a deeper understanding of the historical events during the WWII period.  His thought-provoking presentation shed light on the hardships faced by the people of Hong Kong during that time, emphasizing the significance of comprehending the social livelihood context.  Dr Kwong also shared his extensive research findings, which included a treasure trove of discovered photographs.  This enriching experience left the audience captivated and provided valuable insights into the history of Hong Kong.

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