16 March 2024

Award in ESD Learning Programme

A team of five students, ranging from S3 to S5, was awarded the Outstanding Presentation Award in the Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) Learning Programme organized by the UNESCO Hong Kong Association.  Their achievement falls under the category of Environmental Protection and Marine Ecosystem.  This programme, which is centred around the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals, aims to educate participants and nurture young leaders in sustainable development.

The team had the opportunity to attend a lecture on marine ecosystems and visit the Museum of Climate Change and the Coral Academy at the CUHK.  Their research focused on "increasing public engagement in wetland conservation."  Over the past five months, they conducted independent research, authored a written report, and delivered an impressive live presentation.  Their exceptional presentation skills earned them the highest marks in this section.  Their accomplishment serves as evidence of their talents and dedication in promoting environmental awareness and sustainable practices.

Team members:
3B Zhang Ziqian Joanna
3C Siu Hoi Yan
3C Yuen Shing Yuk
4A Lee Ching Yin
5C Leung Tsoi Lam Phoebe