31 December 2021

Awards of the Gifted Education Programme:  Maritime History and Curating

Two S4 history students, Lau Hok Yau Agnes (4D) and Cheng Sze Wai (4E) participated in a gifted education programme called “The Maritime History and Curating Programme (資優教育計劃:海事歷史與策展)” which was organized jointly by the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum from July to December 2021.  Not only did they attend lectures on underwater archaeology, maritime trade and history in Asia and the world, but their skills in research, curating and academic writing were also polished.  On December 30 and 31, 2021, they took part in the Student Work Exhibition and Curating Competition (舟遊亙古) to demonstrate their research findings and won three awards, including the Bronze Award of Outstanding Ship Model (優秀模型船), the Gold Award of Professional Jury Prize (專業評審獎) and the Silver Award of Outstanding Exhibition Corner (優秀展覽閣).

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