14 November 2022

Awards of JS History e-Reading Award Scheme 2022

Organized jointly by the Personal, Social and Humanities Education (PSHE) Section, Curriculum Development Institute (CDI), Education Bureau (EDB), and the e-Learning Development Laboratory of the University of Hong Kong, the Junior Secondary (JS) History e-Reading Award Scheme 2022 was held from March to August 2022.  More than 100 secondary schools participated in the scheme.  Through reading on an e-learning platform, the programme aims at promoting students’ interest in history under self-directed learning and fostering a positive reading atmosphere and culture in secondary schools. 

A total of 14 YW girls joined the scheme.  8 of our girls had outstanding performances and were awarded with Certificates of Merit and Creativity Awards.  3 girls from 1B (2021-2022), Cheung Suet Nam, Siu Hoi Yan, and Wong Hoi Ying Sophia, were awarded with the Creativity Awards and they were invited by the EDB to attend the award ceremony on November 14 to share their learning opportunities, difficulties encountered as well as the ways to overcome the difficulties during the process of designing  and producing the pop-up book that discusses the contributions of overseas Chinese workers towards the construction of the Transcontinental Railway in the United States of America. 

List of Awardees (2021-2022)

1. Certificates of Merit: Siu Hoi Yan (1B), Wong Hoi Ying Sophia (1B), Ho Oi Yan (2A), Cheng Sze Yung (3B) and Tam Hoi Yan (3B)

2. Creativity Awards: Cheung Suet Nam (1B), Siu Hoi Yan (1B), Wong Hoi Ying Sophia (1B), Li Cheuk Ying (1D) and Leung Yan Yu (1D)