11 July 2022

Champion of the Interschool Tram+ NFT Hackathon 2022 (Secondary Section)

Three S3 students, Chan Bui Ka (3B), Leung Chi Yu (3B) and Chan Kei Ching Lavon (3E) won the Championship of the Interschool Tram+ NFT Hackathon 2022  (Secondary Section).  It was a STEM competition organized by Tramplus, a sister company of Hong Kong Tramways.  In the competition, participants had to attend a series of online workshops, hosted by industry exports and scholars.  They also had to design their own digital art piece.  Our girls made use of some environmentally friendly and energy saving concepts such as the use of a green wall and installing solar panels and suspension technology for the design and operation of future trams in Hong Kong.  As the champion, they will get a chance to have their work featured on an upcoming tram wrap.  Their work may also be minted as the Hong Kong Tramways’ first official NFT collection and be promoted across the globe.