3 July 2016

STEM in MBOT 2016 Robotics Competition

Eager to prove that girls can excel at coding too, four of our S2 students joined the "STEM in MBOT 2016 Robotics Competition (全港STEM機械車創意解難大賽2016)" on 3rd July 2016 and won the gold medal.  The team assembled a robot, mbot, and successfully programmed it to do different tasks, thus putting into practice the skills they have acquired at school.  Not only did they enjoy the collaboration and exposure, but they also got an opportunity to demonstrate their logical thinking and problem solving skills through the competition.

List of Students 

Choy Tsz Ying (2D), Fung Wing Yung (2D), Tse Ving Cem  (2D), Lau Wing Tung  (2D)