25 April 2013

Ying Wa Good Show

On April 25 our school’s Dance Team was invited to perform at the Ying Wa Good Show, a lunchtime programme to enrich school life and showcase students’ talents organized by the Self Access Centre. The purpose of our event was to present part of our repertoire and promote different dance styles and techniques for our school mates to enjoy.

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17 April 2013

Debate Competition

The Senior Form Debate Competition co-organized by Chinese Language Department, Liberal Studies Department and Civic Education Committee, entered to the final round on 17 April 2013. Representatives from 4C and 5B were competing for the champion title with the motion ‘Marrying a rich man is equivalent to a happy marriage’. The said debating competition is with the aim of raising the awareness of social issues among students.

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17 April 2013

Contemporary Dance Course

Our school has joined the Hong Kong Arts Festival's Contemporary Dance education project. Students had the chance take part in dance workshops with Daniel Yeung Chun-kwong, a local choreographer who studied Fine Arts and Chinese music. Participants enjoyed a whole new experience in experimenting what their bodies can achieve.

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13 April 2013

Revision of non-standard charges

After a briefing session well attended by over 300 parents in April, a circular was issued to parents regarding the non-standard charges inviting them to give their views on the proposal. The result collected is as follows:

  • Support (90.4%)
  • Do not support (8.4%)
  • Other comments (1.2%)

The relevant information would be given to the IMC for consideration. We thank the support of parents and their much appreciated recognition of our education mission and efforts.

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23 March 2013

Basketball Champion

Our Basketball Team won the champion in the Inter-school Basketball Competition Hong Kong Island - Division II - Girls C Grade after winning the last match scoring 52:18. With the hard effort of teacher, coach and players, the team would re-join Division I in the coming year.

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20 March 2013

Swimming Gala

The Annual Swimming Gala was held at Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park Swimming Pool on 20 March 2013. Students and teachers enjoyed a fantastic competition. The day ended with the address by Ms. Navis Wong, Chairlady of the PTA.

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18 March 2013

Australian Learning Workshops

Two "Australian Learning Workshops" were conducted by the Hong Kong Australian Trade Commission (Austrade) for senior forms on March 18, 2013. In the "Engineering & Robotics" workshop, Mr Brad Hall of the University of New South Wales introduced engineering projects pioneered by the university, ranging from secure phones to saving factory workers’ hands. An interesting demonstration involving a soccer robot captured the participants' imagination.

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15 March 2013



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