7 November 2018

Assembly Talk by Mrs Agnes KOON

In the morning assembly on 7th November, Mrs. Agnes KOON Woo Kam-oi (管胡金愛女士), an alumna of Ying Wa, was invited to deliver a talk on her career development in the insurance industry and social services in different public sectors.   Mrs. Koon was the first female Chairperson of Hong Kong Federation of Insurers.  In the assembly, Mrs. Koon shared her experiences of being involved in the growth of the Hong Kong insurance industry since the 1980s, especially on the development of different types of insurance products, such as insurance coverage over jewelry products and the attempts to help non-governmental organisations to buy insurance in lower costs etc.  In Mrs. Koon’s last remarks, she mentioned the importance of students nowadays to command sound language proficiency, get more involved in social services, develop an outgoing personality to suit the needs of the ever-changing world and cultivate the values and attitudes of “HIPSTER” (Hardworking, Integrity, Professional, Self-confidence, Top, EQ and Rightful).