14 July 2021

End-of-term Service 2021

The school term drew to a close on 14 July with the End-of-term Service held in the morning in two separate sessions (junior and senior forms).  Our principal, Mr Francis Kwan, delivered an invigorating speech on the recent events of the school.  He devoted thanks to teachers who are leaving the school on retirement or embarking on a new chapter in their lives.  He also shared his heartfelt gratitude to the staff members who contributed a lot in the recent school events.  He urged all YW girls to strive for their very best and be confident for their own development.

On behalf of the S6 graduates, Chung Oi Ning (6A) and Tai Cheuk Wing (6B) delivered a valedictorian speech in the junior and senior sessions respectively at the End-of-term Service.  They reminded schoolmates to cherish every moment in YW and be grateful to their family members, teachers, classmates and people around them.