21 February 2024

High Achievers’ Award 2023-24 (First Term)

On February 21, the High Achievers’ Award Ceremony 2023-24 (First Term) took place during the morning assembly.   Students from S1 to S5 with outstanding academic results during the first term received awards in recognition of their outstanding achievements.  Their exemplary performance serves as an inspiration for all students to strive for excellence in their studies. 

Awards were given to junior form students who ranked among the top three of each class and of each form.  As for senior form students, the awards went to those who ranked the top of each subject.

Addressing the attendees, our Principal, Mr Francis Kwan, extended his heartfelt congratulations to the high achievers.  Furthermore, he emphasized the significance of self-reflection and improvement, reassuring all students that success is attainable not only in academics, but also in various other fields.

Award List  S1 – S3  |  S4 – S5