20 February 2019

High Achievers’ Award Ceremony 2019

The outstanding accomplishments of students in both academic and non-academic fields were recognized at the High Achievers’ Award Ceremony on 20th February.  Students from S.1 – S.5 with outstanding academic results received recognition for their diligence and dedication to their studies.  They are indeed exemplars of their peers.  Students’ achievements in other areas such as computer programming and current affairs were also recognised at the Ceremony.

 Our alumna, Ms. Lam Hei-yiu Jessie, now an undergraduate of the School of Pharmacy at the Chinese University of Hong Kong, was awarded the Mr.Yu Chu Lam Scholarship.  This Scholarship was established in Ying Wa in 2018, aimed at encouraging students to strive for their best to achieve excellence in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination.  Jessie was invited to share her study tips, such as time management skills, the importance of concentration during revision and striking a balance between her academics and other activities.  On a final note, our Principal, Mr. Kwan, encouraged students to realise their own potential, be confident and strive for their very best.  One day, every one of our students will be able to shine on the stage.

Award List: S1 – S3 | S4 – S5