3 September 2021

Inauguration of Prefects 2021 & School Development Plan Introduction

The investiture of the 68 students elected as prefects for the school year 2021-2022 took place in the assembly on September 3.  In the inauguration speech, the Head Prefect (5A Kwok Kam Yan) and the Deputy Head Prefect (5D Law Wai Chung Fiona) pledged on behalf of the Prefect Board to serve the school wholeheartedly and with a humble heart.  Prefects are responsible for maintaining discipline in school to ensure an environment conducive to learning and developing positive values.  The Good Class Scheme was introduced and classes are reminded to be punctual for lessons, to maintain good discipline and to keep the school campus clean.

Following the inauguration was the introduction of the five-year school development plan by our Principal, Mr Kwan Hon Cheung Francis.  The school plan is based on four keywords, ‘Enlighten’, ‘Empower’, ‘Embrace’ and ‘Engage’.  Not only do we aim to provide quality education with enhanced school facilities, but we also strive to help students grow with confidence, positive attitude and perseverance.