18 June 2022

Memorial Ceremony to Celebrate the Life of Miss Kwan Yeuk Laan (Album 1)

A campus memorial celebration to honour the life of Miss Kwan Yeuk Laan was held on June 18 at the Silcocks Hall.  Miss Kwan’s life was intertwined with Ying Wa deeply.  She entered Ying Wa in 1932 as a student.  After finishing her studies at the University of Hong Kong in 1951, she returned to her alma mater and served as a Geography, Mathematics and Chinese teacher.  Her passion in education and love for Ying Wa continued when she served as the Vice-principal in 1977.  The memorial, titled “Memorial Ceremony Celebrating the Life of Miss Kwan Yeuk Laan,” featured readings, music and sharing of memories from Miss Sonja Chan (daughter of Miss Kwan), Reverend Lee Ching Chee, current and former principals and students of Miss Kwan.  They shared her beautiful life, her contributions to the Ying Wa family and her philosophy on youth development and empowerment.  

Album 2