30 July 2020

Release of Album Entitled “Space for Transformation – The Redevelopment Years”

Dear alumnae and friends of Ying Wa,

The school redevelopment has travelled a decade-long journey, full of twists and turns, ups and downs.  But all the challenges were worth it.  The magnitude of the project was unprecedented, so were the infinite opportunities and hopes brought to us.  In them, I see God’s blessings.  Miracles seemed to always appear at the right time when we needed them most. 

The essence of this unusual journey is now captured in an album entitled “Space for Transformation – The Redevelopment Years”.  While this album records the redevelopment process and introduces the architectural concepts behind the exceptional campus design, it also delves into the Christian background and mission of Ying Wa and how this history will serve as a compass for future development of the school.  The album has taken us 6 years to plan and one full year to write and execute, amidst an uneasy year marked heavily by social and health challenges. 

Francis Kwan