24 March 2021

S5 LS Activity - Sharing by an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe

With the coordination of CEDAR Fund (施達基金會), the Kowloon Union Church (九龍佑寧堂) and the Liberal Studies (LS) Department, an asylum seeker from Zimbabwe was invited to share with each of the S5 class in March as to why he had to leave his home and the kinds of opportunities and challenges he has experienced in Hong Kong.  Not only had the guest speaker widened students’ horizon on an unfamiliar topic of seeking asylum, but he had also guided us to reflect on why we needed to show more understanding and sympathy towards different kinds of people.  The most impressive was that despite all the uncertainties and suffering that the guest and his family had gone through, he had not lost any faith in God.  He mentioned that life resembled staying at different hotels.  Sometimes we might be staying at good hotels while other times we might be staying at poor ones.  Nevertheless, there would always be an appropriate time for checking in and checking out.  He believed that God had His plan for him and he would happily follow God’s will.     

Website of CEDAR Fund:  https://cedarfund.org/