18 March 2021

S5 LS Activity: Sharing on issues related to Modern China

With the coordination of CEDAR Fund (施達基金會) and the Liberal Studies (LS) Department, a guest speaker born and raised in the mainland was invited to share her experiences living in Fujian, Beijing, the United Kingdom and Hong Kong with each of the S5 class in March.  While there were no face-to-face lessons for a few days, the guest did her sharing with two classes online.  Fortunately, she could share with the other three classes in the school.  She touched on topics such as cultural differences, one-child policy, two-child policy, women’s status, development of rural areas, celebration of festivals, the online culture and a cashless society in China.  It was indeed a valuable opportunity to raise students’ awareness towards contemporary issues related to the mainland.  In addition, students were able to comprehend the development and improvement of various aspects of the mainland. 

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