22 May 2024

Sharing by Ms Gladys Mattras at S4 CSD Lessons

The Citizenship & Social Development (CSD) Department was very pleased to have invited alumna Ms Gladys Mattras (S4 graduate, 2019) to share with all the S4 classes on May 21 and 22, 2024.  She had a ‘big sister chat’ with the girls on embracing and accepting who they were.  Starting off by asking students their impressions of mixed kids, she helped clear up common stereotypes and misconceptions by relating to the confusions and challenges she faced both in France and in Hong Kong as a Eurasian.  She delved more deeply into identity issues and shared how she struggled to search for her sense of identity.  Now she happily embraced both the French and Chinese cultures in becoming her unique culture.  To wrap up, she encouraged students to listen more to others’ stories, accept who they are and embrace values such as cultural sensitivity, inclusivity and empathy.