3 April 2019

Talk by Ms Wong Wai-fong, Ms Chan YL Elaine & Ms Leung CM Jennie

In the morning assembly of 3rd April, two alumnae, Ms Chan Yin-ling Elaine, Ms Leung Ching-man Jennie and our teacher Ms Wong Wai-fong were invited to share how participating in extra-curricular activities and leadership training programmes have positive impacts on ones’ career planning, resilience and personal development. Currently, Elaine is a Police Clinical Psychologist while Jennie is working as a Senior Immigration Officer at the Immigration Department.  Back in the old days, not only were they core members of the Basketball Team, but they also served as student leaders in the Student Association and the Inter-house Committee.  In their sharing, they emphasised the need of striking a balance among studies, activities and rest. The importance of leadership skills in shaping ones’ personal and career growth was further highlighted.  They ended the assembly by encouraging students to allocate their time wisely while upholding the school motto, “Time is precious, treasure every minute”.