24 March 2018

Topping-out Ceremony (Album 1)

Distinguished guests including representatives from the Education Bureau, School Council, School Redevelopment Committee, parents and alumnae joined principals, teachers and students to witness a milestone in the history of Ying Wa Girls' School, the Topping-out Ceremony at its Robinson Road campus on 24th March 2018.

Professor Chiu Lai-har Rebecca, Chairlady of the School Redevelopment Steering Committee, spoke about the grace of God steering them through many an unforeseen challenge during the four stages of their mission, from envisioning a new school on its historic grounds to securing authorization from various governmental bodies, and from construction to funding matters.

Sharing the joy on the project's completion was Principal, Mr. Kwan Hon-cheung Francis, who thanked everyone who has been supporting the project, and reaffirmed his school's commitment to following in the footsteps of Christ, 'To serve, but not to be served'.

The completion of the final roof at this site marked the end of a decade-long dream to transform the colonial school into a school of the future.  On the grounds of its state-of-the-art campus is a small hexagonal cottage which housed the first kindergarten in Hong Kong back in 1926.  The decision to preserve this structure embodies the school's policy of 'Revisiting its past; connecting to the future'.

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