1 May 2024

Visit of Shanghai Secondary Schools

On May 1, we had the pleasure of hosting a visit from four Shanghai secondary schools.  This marked a historic occasion, as it was the first time Ying Wa had the privilege of welcoming students from the mainland to our campus.  The schools in attendance were Yangpu Senior High School, High School Affiliated to University for Science and Technology, Shanghai Anshan Experimental Junior High School, and Shanghai Kunming School  (上海市楊浦高級中學 / 上海理工大學附屬中學 / 上海市鞍山實驗中學 / 上海市昆明學校).  Over 80 students, teachers and principals from Shanghai participated in the visit.

Our principal, Mr Francis Kwan, warmly welcomed our honourable guests from Shanghai.  He provided an overview of our school and its educational philosophy.  In the spirit of cultural exchange, our heritage ambassadors guided the visitors around our campus, showcasing the different locations of our school and giving them an insight into our rich heritage.