22 April 2017

YWGS Fundraising Concert - $780K Raised (Album 1)

With the massive support of a 500-strong audience, the first ever fundraising concert of Ying Wa Girls' School was held successfully on 22nd April.  Around 150 students and 80 alumnae performed a repertoire of over 20 works of varied genres and in different languages.

Initiated by our Music panel chairperson, the concert assembled Ying Wa musical talents of all ages to contribute to a new Robinson Road campus.  It garnered overwhelming support from students, alumnae, parents, teachers and philanthropists, and added HK$780,000 to the Redevelopment Fund.

The whole school was moved by the passion and grateful for the magnanimity on display that evening.  Nothing touches the soul better than the beauty of the arts, and it was fitting that we had a communion with God through music in the China Congregational Church of HKCCCC.