28 February 2017

走出課室 全方位學習中國歷史

本校14位中二級同學參加「歷史文化學堂」廣播劇比賽,兩個參賽作品 ─「東漢奇遇記」及「大漠鐵騎」成功入選,並分別於3月21及28日在新城電台廣播。是次活動機會難得,學生通過搜集歷史資料,撰寫劇本,參加廣播劇培訓工作坊,進行電台錄音,接受訪問等,得到嶄新的學習經歷,生動地體驗學習中國歷史的樂趣。                                          收聽廣播劇                         
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23 February 2017

Hong Kong School Drama Festival (Cantonese Category) 2017

The Drama Club enjoyed huge success at the Hong Kong School Drama Festival, bringing home the following awards: Award for Outstanding Script Award for Outstanding Stage Effect Award for Outstanding Co-operation Outstanding Performers (4D Lo Yuen Ting, 4D Ngan Hei Yuen, 4E Lai Nok Ching) The theme of the drama this year is 'Family'.  The story revolves around a divorced woman and her daughter.  After being separated for a long time, the two of them are re-united to mend their relationship.
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17 February 2017

第五十三屆學校舞蹈節 舞蹈隊成績優良

舞蹈隊參加本年度學校舞蹈節,隊員全情投入演繹為參賽而新編的七隻舞蹈 ─ 「敦煌仙音樂韻」、「茉莉花」、「在那遙遠的地方」、「魅影」、「記.念」、「虛花」和「吶喊」,表現出色,全部獲得優良成績。是次參賽經驗寶貴,隊員的努力得到肯定,亦藉此跟其他隊伍切磋交流,有助擴闊眼界,提高水平。 獎項
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14 February 2017

Inter-school Basketball Competition (Girls) 2017 Grade B Champion

Our Basketball Team fought off an intense challenge from Belilios Public School in the Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1, HK Island) on 14th February 2017. Our B Grade team amazed the spectators with their unyielding spirit and solidarity to finally emerge as the Champions. Congratulations to all players for the stellar performance!
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20 January 2017

National Olympiad in Informatics in the Provinces 2016

Our students have once again done us proud!  Poon Wing Sze (6C), Wong Yuen Lam (5A) and Chan Wai Chi (5C) were awarded the second prize in the National Olympiad in Informatics in the Provinces 2016, held in Hong Kong this year for the first time.
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20 January 2017

Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2016/17

Ying Wa is again the top performing girls' school in Hong Kong with 5 students winning medals in the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2016/17. Poon Wing Sze (6C) was awarded a silver medal in Senior Group for the second consecutive year.  Wong Yuen Lam (5A) and Chan Wai Chi (5C) brought home bronze medals in the Senior Group while Lee Ching Laam (4A) and Ng Sin Ting (4C) won the same in the Junior Group. For their outstanding results, they have been invited to join the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics Training Team and a Team Formation Test will be held in May to select delegates for...
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31 December 2016

精英賽奪得季軍 排球隊努力獲肯定

排球隊於2016年12月28至31日參加本年度學界精英排球比賽,首兩場均以局數二比零取勝,順利晉身四強。在半準決賽,排球隊雖未能取勝,但面對強勁對手 ─ 上屆亞軍賽馬會體藝中學,仍然鬥志高昂,積極進攻、防守,表現保持水準。賽事結束,英華女排取得季軍,成績令人鼓舞,隊員有信心在下屆比賽爭取更佳表現。 特別鳴謝: 李炳基先生為英華女排攝影
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11 December 2016

Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Grade A)

The Volleyball Teams of Ying Wa Girls' School and Shun Tak Fraternal Association Cheng Yu Tung Secondary School entered the final round of Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Grade A).  The competition was held on 11th December 2016 at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Park Sports Centre.  The tournament was a brilliant one, with both teams giving a truly memorable and outstanding performance.  Our Volleyball Team finally emerged as the first runner-up.  Congratulations!
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