28 September 2016

太平洋場地少年賽 趙蕙芸獲多個獎項

2016年9月26至28日,四甲班趙蕙芸同學在澳洲珀斯參加太平洋場地少年賽,表現出色,以優異成績奪得多個獎項,成績驕人。 個人賽方面,趙蕙芸於女子2公里個人追逐賽及女子15公里計分賽分別奪得金牌及銅牌。團體賽方面,趙蕙芸及其他三位香港女子青年單車代表 (吳思穎、李思穎、楊礎搖) 於女子甲組2公里團體追逐賽資格賽,以2分38秒獲首名進入決賽,其後在冠軍戰再以2分37秒佳績擊敗澳洲Midland隊,奪得金牌。
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9 September 2016

Interview by Metro Radio – Yip Pui Lam

Recently Yip Pui Lam (5D) was invited to share her experiences in a radio broadcast programme at the Metro Radio, together with another student representative and two distinguished guests after they returned from an environmental studies tour to Osaka. This tour was organized by the Central and Western District Council (CWDC) for secondary school students to deepen their understanding of the waste treatment facilities and policies in both Hong Kong and Osaka. After rounds of interview, Yip Pui Lam, Ho Jo Kan (5C) and Lam Charlotte (4E) were offered the opportunity to participate in the tour.
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2 September 2016

馬燕茹亞錦賽奪佳績 攝製隊赴日採訪支持

二零一六年一月,馬燕茹同學(五乙班)參加在日本舉行的「亞洲單車錦標賽」。參賽者包括日本、哈薩克、韓國、台灣等地區的勁旅,賽事緊張刺激。張婉婷校友率領DVD製作團隊赴日拍攝,零距離採訪精彩片段,見證成功背後的重要時刻。採訪期間,香港單車總會的幹事得悉攝製隊是唯一來自香港的團隊,即時全力協調,更批准進入傳媒區拍攝,方便攝製隊捕捉燕茹及其隊友參賽的珍貴鏡頭。 在場地賽項目,教練落力支持:每圈衝線,都在賽道為燕茹報分、打氣、提示,場面令人鼓舞。燕茹亦不負眾望,在個人賽奪得兩面銀牌,團體賽奪得一面銅牌,表現出色,令人刮目相看。影片
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22 August 2016

La Salle – Pui Ching Programming Challenge

Here is another achievement by our computer programming team! Poon Wing Sze (5C), Chan Wai Chi (4C) and Wong Yuen Lam (4A) won the bronze medal in the first La Salle – Pui Ching Programming Challenge held on 22 August. Teams had to complete as many challenging questions as possible within four hours and we were placed fifth among all participating schools.
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22 July 2016

全國青少年資訊學奧林匹克競賽 2016‏

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9 July 2016

Hong Kong Inter-school Basketball Marathon 2016

Our basketball team was 1st Runner-up in the Hong Kong Inter-school Basketball Marathon 2016. Cheung Hung Yan 5E, captain of our Basketball Team, was named the Best Player in this competition that attracted 139 schools. This win is the result of the hard work of team members, teacher and their coach throughout the year. A big 'Thank you' to all the alumnae for their tireless and ferventsupport during the tournament.
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3 July 2016

STEM in MBOT 2016 Robotics Competition

Eager to prove that girls can excel at coding too, four of our S2 students joined the "STEM in MBOT 2016 Robotics Competition (全港STEM機械車創意解難大賽2016)" on 3rd July 2016 and won the gold medal.  The team assembled a robot, mbot, and successfully programmed it to do different tasks, thus putting into practice the skills they have acquired at school.  Not only did they enjoy the collaboration and exposure, but they also got an opportunity to demonstrate their logical thinking and problem solving skills through the competition. List of Students 
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30 June 2016

BOCHK Rising Star Award Rising Star Athlete 2015-2016

Tsoi Wai Kan of 1D was named the BOCHK Rising Star Athlete 2015-2016. This annual award is presented to outstanding C Grade athletes who have contributed actively to their schools and achieved significant performance in sports. Wai Kan was the captain of our C Grade Basketball Team and a promising basketball player. Congratulations to her and her team!
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