30 November 2018

Talk on Treasuring Life 2018

In the past few years, the Guidance Committee has been organising talks to instill students with the value of treasuring life.  Life is a gift from the Lord and everyone is unique under His creation.  On 30 November, Ms. Vivian Chiu from SPCA (Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals) delivered a talk with her lovely little dog, Sze Sze (詩詩) with the theme of “Embrace the Symphony of Life”.  In the talk, Ms. Chiu shared a variety of ways to develop self-control over emotional distress.  She also mentioned how human beings could learn from animals which always strive for the best to survive and never give up.  

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28 November 2018

Achievements of School Teams

Our school teams have been busy with various tournaments this term and our spirits were greatly lifted by their achievements.  In early December, our Volleyball Team entered the Inter-school Volleyball Competition (Division 1, Grade A) and emerged as the Second Runner-up.  Moreover, our Basketball Team became the First Runner-up in the Inter-school Basketball Competition (Division 1, Grade A) in late November.  Their perseverance and passion to strive for the best are highly appreciated.  Thumbs up for their outstanding performance!

Sources of Photos: HK01 (Basketball Team), Mr. Panda Man Chung Yan (Volleyball Team)

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24 November 2018

Sponsored Walk 2018

The annual Sponsored Walk has been a much cherished tradition of Ying Wa since the 1960s to celebrate the Thanksgiving Week in November.  It is a healthy way for teachers and students to raise money for the community.  Thanks to the ECA Committee, the Student Association and the Inter-house Committee, efforts were made to organise an opening ceremony to pray, sing hymns and do warm up exercise.  Along the route to the peak, student helpers from the Discipline Committee, Red Cross and parent volunteers from the PTA stationed in different locations to ensure road safety for all participants.  Blessed with clement weather, students and teachers were refreshed by indulging in the beautiful scenery and fresh air amid their hectic schedules.

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23 November 2018

Thanksgiving Service 2018

Our annual Thanksgiving Service was held on 23 November.  On this special occasion, we were very honoured to have invited Pastor Sharon Balcombe-Lau as our guest speaker.

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16 November 2018

History Seminar by Professor Joseph TING Sun-pao

Professor Joseph TING Sun-pao, one of the most distinguished experts of Chinese and Hong Kong history and the former Chief Curator of the Hong Kong Museum of History, has been the History and Heritage Education Consultant of Ying Wa since 2014.  Thanks to the coordination of the Civic Education Committee and the History Department, a seminar was held in the afternoon assembly on 16th November.  Professor Ting analysed the history of some prominent figures who were buried in Hong Kong in different cemeteries since the beginning of the colonial period, demonstrating the characteristic of the co-existence of different ethic cultures in local history.  According to Professor Ting, these cemeteries in Hong Kong deserve a significant place in the world’s heri

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14 November 2018

S4 Class Assemblies (2018)

It is the tradition of Ying Wa to encourage students to develop their confidence and collaborative skills through different types of performances.  Class assemblies are one of these to empower students to convey positive messages to their schoolmates.  This year (from 14th November to 12th December), every S4 class exerted their strength to develop the theme of trustworthiness.  Thanks to their class teachers, English teachers and other teacher advisors, every S4 class was successful in realising their full potential to showcase their talents in creativity, language ability and teamwork.

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9 November 2018

Annual School Picnic (2018)

Not only was 9 November 2018 a sunny day, but it was also the long-awaited annual school picnic.  Our girls were buzzing with excitement when they could finally enjoy a fun day out amid their hectic schedules.  Students of different forms went to various places (Shek O – S1; Stanley Bay – S2; Hong Kong Disneyland – S3; Ocean Park – S4; Tai Au Mun – S5; Lamma Island – S6). It was indeed a day filled with fun and happiness.

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8 November 2018

Secondary 3-5 Sex Education Talk (2018)

It was our honour to have invited Ms. Cheng from the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups to explore the topic of ‘Online Romance’ with our S.3 to S.5 students on 8th November, 2018.  Students became aware of the differences between online romance and romance in reality, as well as the potential dangers of online romance scams.  Ms. Cheng also reminded students not to leak any personal information online and be alert when meeting up with online friends since the online world is a virtual world with lots of uncertainties.  To consolidate students’ learning and to wrap-up, a Q&A session was held at the end in which students raised interesting questions and received gifts. 

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