19 January 2019

Humen History and Heritage Tour

The Chinese History Department organized a history and heritage tour (one-day tour) by leading forty S.4 – 5 Chinese History and History students to Humen (Dongguan, China) on 19 January.  The tour included visits to the Opium War Museum, Weiyuan Fort and Humen Lin Zexu Memorial Hall.  Students developed a deeper understanding of the First Opium War (aka the First Anglo-Chinese War), especially the development over the banning of opium in the mid-19th century.  They also learned the skills and methods applied in the warfare under the leadership of Lin Zexu.  Thanks to the support of the Education Bureau (EDB) for the provision of the One-off Grant for the Promotion of Chinese History and Culture, a number of teachers from the Chinese Department and

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18 January 2019

Inauguration of S3 Prefects cum the Mid-year AGM of SA and Inter-house

The investiture of eleven prefects from S.3 for the second term of 2018-2019 took place in the afternoon assembly on 18 January 2019.  The teacher advisor of the Prefect Board, Ms.

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10 January 2019

Vivien CHIU – 1 Gold & 2 Silver Medals in ACC

Vivien CHIU of S5D took part in various races in the Asian Cycling Championships (ACC) 2019 and won one gold and two silver medals.  The results were encouraging as Vivien helped the Hong Kong Cycling Team win the first gold medal in the ACC this year. 

Medals and Races of Vivien in the ACC 2019 (women's track events)

Omnium – Gold Medal

Individual Pursuit – Silver Medal

Team Pursuit – Silver Medal

Link to Vivien's media coverage (Click)

Sources of Photos – HK01, Sportsroad

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28 December 2018

Our new campus will arise!

The School has the pleasure to announce that our long-awaited moment has finally come.  All superstructure works in the Robinson Road campus and the main building of the extended campus on Breezy Path have been completed.  With the grace of God, we expect to make the Big Move back to our home site in March 2019.

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22 December 2018

Visit to HKSAR Legislative Council

The History Department took 29 S4 History students to visit the Legislative Council (LegCo) of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region (HKSAR) on 22nd Dec.  A guided tour was offered by the LegCo.  Students visited the Public Gallery of the Chamber, viewing Gallery and Access Corridor and Memory Lane, etc.  In the end, students participated in a simulation game to understand the process of the legislation procedure and the history of the LegCo from the British colonial period up to the present-day. It was indeed a rewarding experience for all.

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21 December 2018

Christmas Service and Variety Show 2018

The speaker at our Christmas Service was our beloved former Principal, Mrs. Ruth Lee.  She shared with us different signs in the Bible and in our daily lives which often convey a variety of meanings.  Despite being born in humble conditions in Bethlehem, Jesus Christ has always been revered for his love and willingness to serve.  We must treasure His love and uphold His spirits.  

In her speech, Mrs. Lee talked about the history of Ying Wa, from our humble beginnings and the unpredictable perils of the Japanese Occupation to our most recent development.  Our forefounders’ modest and positive attitudes helped them brave challenges during the journey to developing girls’ education.

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21 December 2018

Christmas Greetings from the Principal (2018)

Dear parents, alumnae and friends of Ying Wa,

Rejoice! Rejoice! Christmas is a time to love; it is a time to celebrate the good news of the birth of Jesus, who was God in flesh, coming to forgive our sins and give us eternal life. We hope our annual Christmas letter finds you well and we have some good news about our School Redevelopment Project to share with you. (Read more

Francis Kwan


Ying Wa Girls' School

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19 December 2018

Assembly on Civic Education cum First Floor Plain Talk – Identity

Four Civic Education assistants and History students from Secondary 3 to 5 conducted an assembly in English on 19 Dec to analyse how Hong Kong people’s senses of identities are shaped by political, economic, social and historical factors.  Globalization facilitates Hong Kong people’s realization and acceptance of their multiple identities.

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