21 October 2023

Award of Korea Forum 2023

Jointly organized by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, the Korean Cultural Center, and the School of Modern Languages & Cultures of the University of Hong Kong (HKU), the Korea Forum for Hong Kong Young Leaders 2023 took place on October 21 at HKU.  Wong Hoi Ying Sophia (3A), Cheung Suet Nam (3B), and Siu Hoi Yan (3C) participated in the Grand Final and presented their research findings on Korea's development.  They were awarded the Best Research prize for their outstanding work. Photo source: Korea Forum 2023 (Click)
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18 October 2023

2023 Harvard GlobalWE Essay Contest

Chan Hui Wing (6B) has emerged as the winner of the 2023 Harvard GlobalWE Essay Contest, while Lau Nga Kiu (6C) received an honourable mention.  The Harvard GlobalWE Essay Contest provides an opportunity for students to engage in topics relating to global women's rights and freedoms. Through this process, it encourages participants to learn and think critically about women and girls who face daily challenges that often define their communities but not their aspirations.
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8 October 2023

Award in the 24th International Meeting of Juvenile Art (Portugal)

Hui Sum Yau Cynthia (5A) was awarded the championship in the "Specific Landmark" category of the 24th International Meeting of Juvenile Art held in Évora, Portugal from October 1st to 8th.  This art competition was organized by the local municipal government of Évora, along with some non-profit organizations, and is recognized as one of the three largest on-site sketching competitions worldwide.  Évora, Portugal, is an ancient city renowned as a UNESCO cultural heritage site and has been hosting the international youth on-site sketching competition for 24 years.  Throughout the competition,...
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9 September 2023

Bronze Award in HEPC 2023

The Health Exhibition Presentation Competition (HEPC) was organized by the Medical Society of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK).  It required participants to choose their own topics based on the theme "Recent Developments in Gastrointestinal Research."  Participants had to complete a project statement, a report, and an oral presentation as they progress through the three rounds of the competition: the Screening Round, the Preliminary Round, and the Grand Final Round.
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10 August 2023

Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2023

Wong Pui Yiu, a graduate of 2023, has been awarded a prestigious full scholarship, the Multi-faceted Excellence Scholarship 2023, to pursue the Bachelor of Nursing at the Chinese University of Hong Kong.  The scholarship aims to encourage universities and tertiary institutions to admit exceptional individuals who have demonstrated excellence in sports, arts, and/or community service.  Pui Yiu has been a dedicated rope skipper since Primary 4, putting her talent on display by winning multiple championships both local and internationally. Photo source: Hong Kong Rope Skipping...
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10 August 2023

Awards of Write Her Future 2023

‘Write Her Future 2023’ was a programme organised by the cosmetic brand Lancôme in collaboration with local NGO Junior Achievement Hong Kong (JAHK).  Through experiential learning, mentorship from business professionals, and entrepreneurship competitions, a team of five S6 girls achieved remarkable success.  Their innovative proposal utilised artificial intelligence (AI) to detect counterfeit make-up products.  This experience not only provided them with practical insights into entrepreneurship and digital marketing, but it also helped them discover their strengths and establish valuable...
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28 July 2023

全國青少年信息學奧林匹克競賽 2023

黃子晴同學 (五丁班) 於二零二二年十二月參加香港電腦奧林匹克競賽(HKOI)決賽,獲得初級組銀獎。其後,黃同學獲邀接受一連串密集的訓練,且以優異表現獲選為香港代表(唯一女代表),於二零二三年七月二十二至二十八日參加在四川省成都市舉行的第四十屆全國青少年信息學奧林匹克競賽(NOI 2023)。本屆參賽者來自全國三十一個省市或自治區以及港澳兩地,各參賽者須於指定時間內即場編寫電腦程式及解決難題。黃同學在是次競賽中與來自全國各地的青少年代表互相切磋,獲益良多。
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19 July 2023

Achievements in HKDSE Examination 2023

We are thrilled to announce the remarkable achievements of YW girls in the Hong Kong Diploma of Secondary Education (HKDSE) Examination 2023.  Hung Hiu Tung (6C, 2023) achieved an outstanding 5** in all 7 subjects, including Chinese Language, English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, and M2.  Wong Sum Yi (6C, 2023) and Lam Kwan Tung (6D, 2023) also excelled, attaining 5** in 5 subjects.  In recognition of their accomplishments, they have been awarded "Yu Chu Lam Scholarship (庾柱林獎學金)," with Hung Hiu Tung receiving $100,000, and Wong Sum Yi and Lam Kwan Tung receiving $40,000...
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