31 December 2021

Awards of the Gifted Education Programme:  Maritime History and Curating

Two S4 history students, Lau Hok Yau Agnes (4D) and Cheng Sze Wai (4E) participated in a gifted education programme called “The Maritime History and Curating Programme (資優教育計劃:海事歷史與策展)” which was organized jointly by the Education Bureau (EDB) and the Hong Kong Maritime Museum from July to December 2021.  Not only did they attend lectures on underwater archaeology, maritime trade and history in Asia and the world, but their skills in research, curating and academic writing were also polished.  On December 30 and 31, 2021, they took part in the Student Work Exhibition and Curating Competition...
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27 November 2021

Hong Kong Island Outstanding Student Awards 2021

Lau Sum (6A) and Leung Choi Lam Phoebe (3E) were awarded the Hong Kong Island Outstanding Student Awards in the senior and junior sections respectively.  Lau Sum was among the top ten outstanding students in the senior section.  Presented by the Hong Kong Island School Heads Association, the awards aim to recognize secondary school student leaders who have demonstrated excellent leadership skills and have served the school and society enthusiastically. 
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26 September 2021


五位中三至中五同學參加由和富社會企業主辦的「傑出公民學生獎勵計劃2020/2021」。此計劃對象為全港中、小學生,旨在透過多元化的學習及實踐活動,增加學生對德育和公民教育的認識,培養尊重、包容、負責、關愛等核心價值。 各同學均已完成計劃中的各項活動,當中包括出席傑出公民學生獎勵計劃啟動禮、參與領袖訓練營、專題講座及義工探訪服務。此外,兩位中三同學 —— 三丙徐樂怡及三丁班施鰻芝 (2020-2021學年) 表現出色,獲大會頒贈「和富香港學生十優公民大使」獎項。
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13 September 2021

Certificate of Merit – JS History e-Reading Award Scheme 2021

Organized jointly by the Education Bureau, The University of Hong Kong and The e-Learning Development Laboratory from March to May, the Junior Secondary History e-Reading Award Scheme 2021 was an e-reading program with more than 100 secondary schools joining.  Through reading on an e-learning platform, the program aims at promoting students’ interest in history under self-directed learning.  The program can also foster a positive reading atmosphere and culture in school.  4 of our girls had outstanding performance and were awarded with Certificates of Merit. List of Awardees (...
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31 August 2021

2020-21 Grantham Scholars of the Year Award 

Lu Lok Yee (Secondary 6 graduate of 2019 - 2020) was awarded the 2020-21 Grantham Scholars of the Year by the Grantham Scholarships Fund Committee for her outstanding performance in her studies, extra-curricular activities and social services.  A total of $10,000 was granted by the committee to each awardee in recognition of the good work on academic achievements and outstanding performance in different aspects.
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19 August 2021

IFTA Girls in Tech Hackathon

8 Computer Programming Team members from S4 to S6 participated in the IFTA Girls in Tech Hackathon held by the Institute of Financial Technologist of Asia and co-organized by the Microsoft Hong Kong and Hour of Code Hong Kong.  The hackathon aimed at promoting and encouraging teenage girls’ innovation, enhancing the diversity and technological development of the innovation and technology industry, as well as cultivating young women’s vision and interest for artificial intelligence and innovative technology.  A total of 58 students from 19 teams took part in the hackathon.  Every team was...
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10 July 2021

STEM+E Competition 2021

Co-organized by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Parks Corporation and the STEM+E Consortium, the STEM+E Competition 2021 was held at the Hong Kong Science Park.  50 secondary schools and more than 300 students took part in the competition.  Participants had to form groups with students from other schools and each group had to present a business start-up proposal with new technologies and marketing strategies.  Every participant also had the chance to meet up with start-up founders and business consultants.   
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9 July 2021

Awards for Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work 2020/21

Four Secondary 5 to 6 Visual Arts (VA) students participated in the Exhibition of Student Visual Arts Work 2020/21 – Primary and Secondary Students’ Artworks organized by the Education Bureau.   The exhibition aims to display and acknowledge students’ accomplishment in visual arts, and enable students and teachers to learn from each other.  A judging panel comprising art professionals selected different pieces of artwork for display from the entries of more than 400 secondary schools.   Our VA students were awarded with the following: Gold Prize: Wai Yuk Shan (6C)  Certificate of Merit: Wong...
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