2 March 2018

Best Participating Award - Belt and Road Initiative Competition

Our team of S4 students, comprising Lu Lok Yee (4A), Wong Lok Yi (4C) and Lock Yin Tung(4E) won the Best Participating Award in the Belt and Road Initiative Competition 2018 held by Hong Kong Professionals and Senior Executives Association.  It was a competition aiming to enhance public awareness of, and interest in, issues related to the Belt and Road initiative.  Held on 3rd February in the City University of Hong Kong, the competition was divided into 2 parts.  Participants had to attend lectures conducted by different professors in the morning, and take a multiple-choice...
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24 February 2018

Awards of SCHK English Public Speaking Contest

Lee Ching (2A) and Chung Oi Ning (3C) entered the Standard Chartered Hong Kong English Public Speaking Contest 2018 organised by the Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups and were awarded 2nd runner-up and merit prize respectively.  Because of her outstanding performance, Lee Ching will be representing Hong Kong in the China Daily National Competition in Hangzhou, China, in April 2018.
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11 February 2018

Awards of C&W District Nursing Competition 2018

Teams from our Red Cross Youth Unit 11 were both the champion and the 2nd Runner-up in the Hong Kong Red Cross Central & Western (C&W) District Nursing Competition held on 11 February.  The aim of the competition is to enhance the technique and interest in nursing among young members and to provide an opportunity for the members to share their experience in nursing.  Our Winning Teams: Team A Leader: Siu Hiu Lam Christine (5D); Team A Members: Kwok Wing Yan (5D), Cheng Chau Hung (5D), Li Wai Ying (4A) Team B Leader: Fung Yuk Ting (5C); Team B Members: Yip Shong Yee (4C),...
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26 January 2018

National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces 2017/18

Our students have once again done us proud.  Lee Ching Laam (5A) and Au Sui Yu (5D) made a significant achievement in the National Olympiad in Informatics in Provinces (NOIP) 2017/18 and they were awarded the silver medal.  It is the second year that Ying Wa won this prize.
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26 January 2018

Awards of Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2017/18

6 senior form students were awarded with medals in the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics 2017/18 and Ying Wa is again the top performing girls' school in Hong Kong.  They are invited to join the Hong Kong Olympiad in Informatics Training Team for intensive training.  A Team Formation Test is to be held in May to select delegates for up-coming contests held outside Hong Kong.List of Awardees Bronze Medal (Senior Group): Au Sui Yu(5D), Chan Wai Chi(6C) and Lee Ching Laam(5A)Silver Medal: Chan Pui Ching (5E), Cheng Tsz Ying (4E) and Lee Cho Man (4D)
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20 January 2018

VR Robotic Challenge 2018 - Champion

Three S3 students won a robotics competition held by the Department of Electronics & Information Engineering Department (EIE), The Hong Kong Polytechnic University.  The success of our team showed girls' potential at robotics.  The EIE provided workshops for participants to develop their own robots during which they learnt about the electronic circuitry inside a robot, including the skills related to designing, 3D-printing and programming.  This activity helped develop students' creativity, enhanced their problem solving skills and stimulated their interest in electronic engineering. List...
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14 January 2018

Awards of Dance Team 2018

Ying Wa Dance Team participated in the 34th Central & Western District Dance Competition and the 54th Schools Dance Festival.  A total of 43 YW dance enthusiasts got excellent results for their passionate performance.  Their participation in both competitions not only enabled them to enjoy the creative process and develop their cultural scope, but also to connect with the local artistic community.List of Awardees
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31 December 2017

All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Volleyball Tournaments 2017-2018 – Champion

The All Hong Kong Schools Jing Ying Volleyball Tournaments from 27 to 31 December 2017 saw spectacular play by the best of the best volleyball teams from 24 local secondary schools.   Our volleyball team clinched victory from the jaws of defeat in the Grand Final against an impressive team from Carmel Alison Lam Foundation Secondary School, to emerge as the new Champion of 2017-2018.
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